Dawn of the Tyrant: Prologues is the exciting precursor to the forthcoming full version of the game and a special way to experience the early Alpha version of the game.

Exclusive to our Tyrant Legions members on Patreon, those who unlock Alpha Battlegrounds access as part of their tier rewards will be among the first to try out the game and can take their part in the Prologues story by playing a series of Battlegrounds: fast-paced scenarios where they will help write the future storyline of the game through World Quests.

Fight in fast-paced Battlegrounds

Each Battleground in the Prologues series is a playable scenario in the Alpha version of the game where players will lead and fight alongside their chosen warband in one of the many scattered clashes that will pave the way for the flames of all-out war.

Battlegrounds in Dawn of the Tyrant play host to fast and brutal battles. Some can be over and victory declared in just minutes. Choosing the best Path for your player character, selecting the right composition for your warband, and finding the perfect moment to unleash your special abilities can all lead to triumph – while a moment’s hesitation or a poor decision could see your warband wiped out or a critical objective lost.

Take part in the first World Quests

Each Battleground scenario in Prologues will include our signature World Quests feature, giving players the power to influence the future and start influencing the story before the full version of the game even starts. What happens upon the Battlegrounds of Prologues will affect the story and balance of power when Chapter I is unveiled. In fact, the first Battleground will come with no less than 10 World Quests – 5 for each faction, giving you a multitude of ways to gain Chapter Points and get your faction ahead.

Reveal the world through Explore Mode

Players will quickly discover that Battlegrounds are dangerous places where there is barely time for thought before the ensuing clash of steel. To give you a look at a different side of these zones and experience them fully, every Battleground zone in Prologues will also include Explore Mode.

Under cover of night, you can scout through each zone, discover more about these strange lands and reveal their mysteries – though doing so may well bring threats of its own.

How you can get involved

You can secure your place to be part of the Dawn of the Tyrant: Prologues story right now by becoming a Patron.

Alpha Battlegrounds access will unlock with our $5 per month Tyrant Legionnaire tier, or choose our exclusive First Generation tier to become one of the legendary veteran warriors of the War in Heaven.

Visit us on Patreon at patreon.com/dawnofthetyrant

Plus help our team improve the game

Prologues is an exciting step for us to share the world we have so carefully crafted with our fans. It also means we can give our first players a voice in helping us make a better game. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback as we work though improving gameplay, enhancing the characters and environments of the game world, optimising the various game systems and generally getting things battle-ready for Chapter I.

All of our tiers also include Discord roles, giving you access to the Dawn of the Tyrant Discord server, where you can chat with the team and connect with other players – or simply use the Community tab on Patreon.

Want to know more?

Got questions about Prologues, Battlegrounds or World Quests? Ask us in the comments!

The release date for the start of Prologues and the first Battleground will be based on our Patreon goals.