The extent of the world of Vónekh VII that is known to cartographers is defined almost singularly by the planet’s unique and deadly predicament. Lingering precipitously at the edge of the material realm and the mirror-like dimension of the Void, nearly half of the planet lies in a perpetual shadow that is anathema to all that lives. Here, magenta-red mists of Void energy drift over a landscape of blackened soil and unearthly horror.

The untainted side offers a vastly different spectacle: an expanse of broad, glimmering oceans, bisected by the twin continents of Khaïrnóth and Vaëtar. These rich lands are a dazzling mural of emerald forests and obsidian mountains, of golden deserts and silver tundras.

Once the domains of the Lánaraï spanned both continents, stretching from Telárkharóth in the northern deeps of Starfall Chasm, to Eánaoróth in the riverlands of the far south. However, the awakening of the Kheïtanni, and the bitter internecine war that has raged ever since, caused city by city to fall. Some to siege, others to internal strife or even overrun by the multitudinous tides of the prolific Rhïan population.

Over these years of strife, the seat of Lánaraï power shifted, almost singularly, to the mighty mountain fortress of Araïkharóth, the City of the Sky. More than a city, it is an impenetrable fortress set between the two imposing peaks known as The Pillars of Heaven that tower over the southwestern tip of Khaïrnóth.

So too did the epicentre of the brutal conflict drift northwards. Where the Lánaraï went, their hateful Kheïtanni kin followed to continue their genocidal blood-hunt.

It is unsurprising then, that Chapter I was always going to take us northwards to the continent of Khaïrnóth. Here the war between the descendants of the Aëdr is waged with relentless fury, a two way siege that batters like waves upon the peaks of the dividing range of The Silver Spine. Here the vile Lán-Faën rise like a Black Plague from the shadowed depths of chasm and forest. And here in the frozen northern mountains the dread gaze of the Tyrant-God has fallen.

One day our story will take us back to the south lands, where the Mouth of God intones fiery doctrines from the steps of the Great Pyramid of Rhïanakharóth, and the roots of the forests of the southern isles are woven together in a vast network that eclipses modern supercomputers. But that day is not today.

The map & battlegrounds UI for the continent of Khaïrnóth.

Here you can see the great continent of Khaïrnóth as it appears in the game itself. It won’t be long before you will be able to explore the northlands yourself or deploy and lead a Warband of your creation to advance the cause of your faction in World Quests.

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