Written by Jack Milinczuk, Intern

Greetings Tyrant fans!

Admittedly we've been a bit quiet on social media lately – we assure you we haven't gone anywhere and as usual have been neck-deep in building improvements into the game, which we're keen to share with you now.

So, let's make up for lost time as we surface from the deep shadows of our studios to show you what we've been up to over the last month. It’s a new year and a fresh opportunity, so now’s the time to shed some light on Dawn of the Tyrant’s development. Thanks to some exciting new additions to our little team, we will be busting out updates like this one every month to keep you guys in the loop. All formalities aside, let’s get into the content!

Environment Art

Here we have a new model set for some Aëdr ruins. Sándor gave these a realistic damaged look by using a combination of procedural crumpling effects and hand sculpting to simulate destruction and degradation.
The textures are gritty, giving out an ancient and ruinous aura. Scenic pieces like this will be dotted across the Dawn of the Tyrant Battlegrounds to really create a feeling of ancient slumber within the world.

Combat System

After we initially showcased an early iteration of Dawn of the Tyrant at PAX a few years back, we’ve been making huge progress on a constant stream of design and development changes based on your feedback – the combat system being a big part of that.

We’ve stress-tested our combat AI in massive (100 vs 100) scenarios. These enormous battles give us general feedback on the effect and plausibility of massive scale combat across Dawn of the Tyrant.

World Building

To create an elaborately detailed and immersive world we’ve considered the cultures of the various races on Vónekh VII and have developed a root language structure complete with its own alphabet!

Here's a preview of the runes for each of the eight Násr, including the forever estranged Rhïarrh. Expect to see these runes scattered throughout the environment. Oh and, as for why the bottom corner is empty? Who knows…?

There’s lots more in the works and we hope you’ll be able to join us on this journey as we continue to progress with Dawn of the Tyrant’s development.

If you want more info on the game or would like to share your feedback you can always contact us on the Dawn of the Tyrant Twitter and Instagram, and follow our newsletter for updates and additional content. We’re super excited about the road ahead in 2019, and hope you are too.

See you soon!