Written by Sándor Moldán, Creative Lead

Behold the towering mountain home of the Lánaraï. Built upon the huge twin peaks known as the Pillars of Heaven, the Holy City is a magnificent testament to the ambition of the starborn.

The Pillars Of Heaven

Art Director: Sándor Moldán

Concept artist: Eren Arik

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The tall mountain range of the Silver Spine winds through the vast land of Khaïrnóth, dividing north from south and providing a natural barrier from the rampaging and bellicose Kheïtanni. It ends in the south-west tip of the continent, where the tumultuous ocean crashes against towering cliffs.

It is here, amidst the cloud-grazing peaks that the Lánaraï have made their home. A natural fortress, the mighty temple city of Jehanaïkharóth (lit. "The Holy City") is perched upon the two imposing peaks known as the Pillars of Heaven. In times now long past, the dominion of the Lánaraï spread much further afield, with watchtowers running the length of The Silver Spine and outposts as far north as Duskwood Vale. Pushed back to Jehanaïkharóth through relentless attrition, the Lánaraï finally closed their doors to the rest of the world, turning their back upon their creations – both their Rhïan children and their bastard cousins, the Vaïar.

In the tallest towers of this great city, the most powerful of the Lánaraï now work tirelessly, honing ever more complex techniques of arcane science and reconstructing ancient technologies in the hope that they will regain enough of their former knowledge to leave the backwater planet of Vónekh VII behind forever.

When designing the Pillars of Heaven we wanted to truly display the self-absorbed grandeur and limitless vanity of the Lánaraï. The looming angelic statues that dominate the city skyline are gargantuan in size and represent the most audacious feat of engineering - but nothing is beyond the children of the stars. The dual peaks and near sheer slope also help to reinforce that it belongs to a race granted the power and luxury of flight. There are no heights that are beyond their grasp. For they glare in longing at the cold and distant stars, certain that they will one day return to their true home amongst them.

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