Written by Sándor Moldán, Creative Lead

This concept art is for the 3D model of a Lánaraï Female equipped with light armour. In fact this was the first ever concept and model that we created for the game.

Lánaraï Female - Light Armour

Art Director: Sándor Moldán

Concept artist: Tugsbayar Jamts

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This Lánaraï character is lightly armoured and would appear as either a Fast Combat Specialist or Ranged Combat Specialist. Her armour is formed from an otherworldy material that has an iridescent metallic finish – a relic of the Aëdr from before the time of the War In Heaven, handed down over many generations. Formed from ultra-hard plates, it affords decent protection to her vitals. Her arms and legs are left unarmoured, preserving her ability to strike with tremendous speed and agility - being able to rain down a hail of fury from afar more than makes up for any slight shortcoming. Besides, without the burden of heavier armour, she can easily stretch her silvery-white wings and take refuge in the vast skies above – the true domain of the Lánaraï.

She is armed with a short sword and a small buckler-style shield, which not only gives her additional protection but provides her with a second weapon to bludgeon back her foes. Stunned and thwarted in their advance, all that remains is for her to find a weak spot in their armour to pierce with her razor-edged blade - yet another lesser being brought low by the legendary martial prowess of the mighty Lánaraï.

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