Written by Sándor Moldán, Creative Lead

Before you is the grim northern abode of the Kheïtanni – the unforgiving fortress city of Kheïtan that rises amidst the shadowy, cold peaks of Evermoon Crag.

Evermoon Crag

Art Director: Sándor Moldán

Concept artist: Eren Arik

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Situated in the far north-west of the continent of Khaïrnóth, Evermoon Crag is a cold place tormented by freezing winter storms that blow across the northern ocean from the icy wastelands far beyond. Summers here are fleeting and fragile things that flitter by as no more than a sad memory before the chill of winter returns with grim vengeance.

High amidst these cold mountains lies the bleak fortress city of Kheïtan, stronghold and centre of power for the dark and hateful Kheïtanni. This is a city built with singular purpose – one that is reflected in the hearts, minds and twisted souls of every Kheïtanni - vengeance. Kheïtan is a vast military base that exists solely for the genocidal purpose of putting all remaining Lánaraï to death.

The ingenuity of the location is its ability to render the greatest advantage their hated kin hold over them utterly irrelevant. For even the most stalwart of Lánaraï warriors would struggle to remain aloft in the cold screaming winds that saw through the jagged frostbitten peaks.

Notwithstanding its natural defences, the prospect of laying siege to Kheïtan is indeed a grave one, for its ramparts are perpetually crowded with archers thirsty to scratch up more kills. Taking this stronghold by surprise would be utterly impossible.

When designing the fortress city of Kheïtan, our approach was every bit as straightforward and purposefully one-dimensional as the nature of the city itself. We wanted to capture the cold, singular purpose of this brutal place without flourish or embellishment. The walls are tall, sheer and menacing. Behind them, sharp, angular towers rise like monolithic, pyramidal prongs.

Notice there is virtually no light emanating from the city at all – merely a scattering of watch lights and a single, cold glow nestled high upon the tallest tower. The darkness of the city renders it almost indistinguishable from the bleak and unforgiving mountains that surround it.

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